Transforming ideas into digital realities, one product at a time.

As a product studio, we're deeply invested in crafting our own products. We are equally thrilled to help others bring their visions to life.

Our team

We are a team of three technical experts working remotely from three different countries.

What we do

Put simply: We build digital products. We'd like to keep things simple, focused and precise.

Product development

We're working on a number of SaaS digital products and bring those to market. We focus on niche markets, rather than cater to the masses. Our aim is to create a sustainable, ethical business that provides true value to our audience.


We love to work with other people, especially those with a similar mindset. We provide consultancy services to a limited number of clients. Reach out if you'd like to work with us.

Our products

We built and operate the following products

Spektr Secrets

If you need to send someone a password, an API key or anything secret, you can use this little tool to send it encrypted. The data gets encrypted on the client side, saved encrypted on the server and once the data is retrieved, it is deleted from the server.

Is This Phishy?

Phishing attempts are the most common way that hackers get your confidential information like passwords and bank account numbers. Is This Phishy lets you forward sketchy emails (for free) and it tells you whether the email is a phishing scam.


AlephBet is an open-source A/B testing framework for developers.

Too Phishy

A phishing detection add-on for Gmail™ that shows you an email’s hidden characteristics before you click.

Contact us

Have a product idea or need help with your project? We're always happy to chat.